Close of the season.. Coverage of Super Lap Battle and Redline time Attack

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

This past week marked the end of the racing season for us. As every November is always cramped full of events, every season end is always a bit tricky. The week after SEMA always marks the Super Lap Battle final out at Buttonwillow, and this year Redline Time Attack final was that same week. We had a week straight of racing!

We decided that we were going to change things up a little bit for the season closing events. we decided we were going to bring out our CTR to end the season. This marked the first Super Lap Battle and Redline Time Attack event for the car. This past season the car was a chosen contender for the now annual Super Street Magazine FF Battle. Due to an unfortunate injury this year in a car accident, the schedule for the car was pretty much non-existent. We asked our good friend Oscar Jackson Jr. to step in and pilot the car for the FF Battle. Oscar was very comfortable driving the right hand drive chassis, and did extremely well out there for the event.  Following our successful FF Battle appearance, we decided we would take the car back out for the last two events of the year and show everyone a teaser of what is in store for next year.


Super Lap Battle didn’t turn out as great as we had hoped, as we ran into some electrical concerns on day 1 of testing. During the second session, the car lost power and had to be towed back to the pits. After troubleshooting the issues as best as possible out there, we packed up early on day two so we could head back to the shop and get the car up and running for Redline.



After quickly getting the electrical concerns squared away, we were headed back out to Fontana for the season’s last event at California Speedway. Oscar Jackson Jr. and Sr. were both again on hand for the event. Despite a rough start to the week, we did exceptionally well out on the track. Extremely strong winds made the event interesting for all the cars out there. Times seemed to be about a second slower for the majority of the cars out there driving in the rough winds through out the weekend. Finally, towards the end of Sunday winds started to die down a bit. Jr. was out running consistent times all weekend, clearly running about 2-3 seconds faster than the competitor. During the last session of the day, the competing car broke out and had a great lap,passing us by only .6 of a second! The teams were all on their toes during this last session!

We closed our season with a second place win, also our first trophy for the car so far! We were extremely happy just with the performance of the car itself, let alone the win! With suspension still being dialed in and this only being our second time out on the track, we were very happy with the end result! The engine setup itself is very mild pushing the mid 200’s in horsepower on a 2 liter. What we have learned over the years is that, it’s not all about pushing big numbers. It’s about setting up the chassis right, and being consistent. This engine setup is more than enough to be competitive in our class, as we have proven exactly that during this last weekend.  Don’t be expecting us to be swapping our 2 liter out in this car for a 2.4 anytime soon! We don’t have to!  But, do expect we will be back out next year with the car, and look forward to the new season!


A successful weekend doesn’t come with out help!


Many thanks to our sponsors:

Skunk2 RacingKraftWerks Performance GroupBuddyClub USA ,Laskey Racing ,MAR Financial, K&N, Rywire, Hawk, and Toyo Tires.


Thanks to:

Oscar Jackson Jr. and Sr., Kai Kai, Renzo, Dallas, Chris, Mike, Wytt, Nop, and everyone who helped us have a great end to the season!






















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