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Putting 2012 in motion

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Sportcar Motion had a record setting year in 2011. We ended the year with a record setting win at Super Lap Battle with the Integra Type R.  This is after we took home our win with the Civic Type-R at the Super Street Magazine FF Battle.  Our newest project drag EG at Sportcar Motion was 90% completed in 2011. We ended the year with the EG on the front cover of the November issue of Honda Tuning Magazine.


We learned a lot this year about the ITR. We ran this past year with our Kraftwerks supercharger on the car, stepping up the power to 400+HP. This was quite the handful with this large amount of power to the wheels.  We spent majority of the year getting the car all squared away and finding out what the ideal tire, wheel, and aero combination was for the Integra. We ended 2011 as the champion of the Modified FWD class in the now retired, Redline Time Attack series.  We were delighted to close out of season with a win and new track record for Buttonwillow Raceway at the Super Lap Battle final. For 2012 the ITR will be going under the knife for a new aero setup including a new dry carbon splitter, canards, and rear diffuser. We will also be running a new reverse staggered wheel setup allowing us to run a 255-275 wide tire. We are also running more compression on the newly refreshed motor, along with a new port matched throttle body and intake manifold.  We also refreshed our Kraftwerks supercharger with a new Rotrex unit, this time we are running a new C38-91 Rotrex unit. This new unit will provide us with additional power on the track. We will have close to 450 HP with this new unit. The 2012 season starts back up this April with Global Time Attack.






We reached the ultimate goal with the Civic Type R in 2011, adding minor adjustments to allow running a street tire at the event. Super Street Magazine did a great full feature on the event and also the car in November.  For 2012 we will be moving on to a brand new larger K24 motor. We will not be campaigning the car until mid 2012 as we are now in the process of building the new motor. We look forward to setting some possible records with the car in late 2012.






We started out 2011 working on completing our newest racecar, this one a drag dedicated EG. We managed to finish the entire car besides completing the roll cage.  Honda Tuning Magazine did a cover feature on the car this past November.  The car came out great, but it just wasn’t totally what we had envisioned for our return to drag racing. In late 2011 we decided that we would be building a new K24 turbo setup for the car pushing close to 850HP.  We just recently picked up a turbo sponsor making this dream much more of a reality. The car will be complete in the next month, and will be making its debut in May of this year. We are excited to return to what started everything for us here at Sportcar Motion.





Other then our own stable of cars around here, we have quite a few exciting customer owned projects that we are working on. Currently wrapping up Renzo Marsano’s time attack EG “white donkey” with its new B-pow setup! Also, currently working on Renzo’s newest project SI. And, the most unique project we are proud to be working on currently is Daniel Herrera’s Honda CRZ, project: dirty hybrid! This project showcases the innovation of Honda in the past decade. We are very excited to share the project with everyone soon!







We are extremely proud of our accomplishments in 2011, and are really looking forward to setting some new records and accomplishing some pretty big goals here in 2012!